E & G Energy, Inc. Oil and Gas Landman Services

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Dallas, Texas 75206


Petroleum Landmen providing oil and gas lease and right-of-way services

Oil and Gas Mineral Leasing Services

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E & G Energy is a full-service brokerage firm serving the oil and gas industry throughout the continental United States.


E & G Energy provides complete oil, gas and mineral land services:

  •  Lease acquisition
  •  Title search
  •  Drillsite curative and due diligence
  •  Negotiation and preparation of operating agreements, farmouts, farm-ins, and purchase agreements
  •  Custom reporting capabilities to meet your company's specifications
  •  All jobs are managed by Certified Petroleum Landmen

For more information, contact us at: info@eandgenergy.com or 214-360-0360.


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